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Japanese Kiri

The tree of the future in better cloning, with the system of more efficient planting!
Noble Wood Group

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With partnerships in several countries in America, Europe and Asia, we offer genetically modified plant species and complete advice on reforestation. We deliver a solution in Forestry. We can follow the entire project and execution from start to finish. Our improved seedlings generate great financial returns, with the best land management practices.

Count on our team to achieve exceptional results.


Meet Kiri

A wood that is highly resistant to cracking and warping, it does not harbor pests such as termites and its main characteristic, in addition to its beauty, is its lightness and flexibility.


KIRI (Paulownia) is the fastest growing tree in the world, high quality wood for export. It can be harvested in 4 years for veneers and 8 for sawn wood. Lumber suitable for houses, panels, frames, plywood, laminates, surfboards, furniture, musical instruments, decking, cellulose, pellets and chips.


Cultivo de Kiri Japonês, com crescimento incrível, floresta localizada no Brasil.


It is a pleasure to monitor the quality of the plant and its rapid growth with the customer!

Seu Luiz believed and invested in our biotechnology, today he celebrates the plant's super growth every month.
Join the team of winners that invests in the world of forestry in an intelligent and profitable way!

Detalhes de folhas de Kiri, verde incrível e detalhes da textura da folha.

Be a great partner for the environment too!

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